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July 2002 Camping Trip 
A little background while the photos load. 
My friend Kathy and I have taken 2 to 10 day trips in to the WA, ID, or MT "back-country" almost every year since 1982.
     Our first trip was up the PanJab trail in the Blue Mountains of SE WA. There were elk everywhere, including a huge bull who bugled his way through our camp early one misty morning.  Kathy was an "old-hand" in the back-country. This was my introduction to what has become a necessity for my well-being.  The rugged trails in the "Blues" were our destinations for several more trips over the years - sometimes via the PanJab, others based from the end of the road near Kelly Camp.  The area eventually became more crowded with people and close encounters with 4-legged wildlife became rare.
    Later outings included trails near North Port WA on the Canadian border; Clarkia, Id;  Red Ives, Id; north of Republic, WA; and Twisp River, WA.  Since Kathy moved to Choteau, MT - the last 5 years have included various trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. One weekend consisted of day hikes in Glacier Park with friend, Deb, who is a Glacier Park biologist. All the rest of our trips over two decades have been horse powered.
     Due to the logistics of matching our busy schedules, the July 2002 Trip was shorter than most;  in - overnight - and back out the next day. Though short, it was incredibly beautiful - and soul satisfying.

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